A tramp around Mt Somers

What a beautiful weekend I had in the bush at Mt Somers. Hot, with a serious NW wind, which Canterbury is well known for. There are many options for both day and overnight walks.

A break from the heat

We chose to walk into the Woolshed Hut which has obviously had a recent makeover.
So, lunch in packs and boots on, we set off. Onwards and upwards. Further up the hill we came to the area where the Blackburn coal mine used to be in working order.

It turned out to be a place for a rest, with a bench inside. It was a respite from the heat of the day. Mind you, at this stage we hadn’t got into the seriously windy part.

A great place to hide from the heat of the sun

As we carried onwards and upwards, the wind also decided to get stronger. My hat blew off more than once, and if my feet weren’t well grounded I was almost thrown sideways by the wind.

Until I saw a nice sized snow-tussock. Here’s a pic of me sheltering …

A place to lean on

This snow tussock was just the right height to both hide behind, and lean on. The wind was pushing the tussock forward, but I was well sheltered from it.

Lunch at the hut was great, even though we knew we had to climb back up the hill again afterwards. It was worth it just to eat inside, away from the wind and the dust.

What a welcoming view

Walking back out was so much quicker and easier, my hat still blew off a couple of times, but the wind was more behind us for a large part of the way, and gave that necessary heave up the hill.

After the slog uphill, we found some beech trees to shelter under near the fence. The pic below shows the state of my boots, dust and all –

Feet up!





Here are a few pics of some more of the coal mine left-overs.

The shelter

At last we made it down to the campsite again. Time for dinner … and a quick swim in the river. Refreshing? Invigorating? You bet!
What a wonderful trip, time in the bush, time in the great outdoors always refreshes and brings me more in awe of my Creator.

As I looked out at the starry sky later, I was so aware of how vast our universe is, and how very blessed I was to be able to be at Mt Somers to enjoy it.  In our cities with all the street and house lights, we lose sight sometimes of the blackness of the sky – and the brightness of each star and planet we can see.

Every cloud has a silver lining

“In the stars His handiwork I see, on the wind He speaks with majesty.”

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