Motivated by passion – sidelined by demands

How do you stay motivated to do what you want, when your life is filled with so many demands?

I am a reader, I love reading – it is a passion of mine, but at the moment, the books I have beside my bed to read are piling up, unopened. By the time I make it to bed, my eyes are tired, my body is weak and I find I drop to sleep almost before my head hits the pillow.

Why is it like this? Well I am blessed to have a job. It is full time … most are ten hour days. By the time I get home and do the things that have to be done – the reading takes a back seat, along with the writing, the walking, visiting of friends, etc.

I enjoy tramping, so occasionally I am able to take time in the bush. This is one area that doesn’t get put on the back burner. Probably because I tend to go with others – so therefore they are the ones doing the motivating. Also, it is a passion.

It’s so easy to put aside those things which we want to do by ourselves, yet it only takes one other person to motivate us to something else, and once again – the other entries on our wishlist are sidelined.

It is time to silence the demands and release the passion within. Having a passion is energising. Having a dream is life-giving, and taking the time for both to blossom and grow can only bring forth good things.

What do others think?

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2 Responses to Motivated by passion – sidelined by demands

  1. I have learned that I have to make time for the things that matter to me. Some of the most important things in my life are the least demanding things. There is no pressure to do them. Reading is one of those things for me. But it is not demanding. If I am to read, I have to plan for it in my schedule and say no to other things. I wish I could say I am always succesful in this, but it would not be true. However, the writing down of the goal is very important to me. “I will read 20 minutes today.” When I do that, I find that I more readily do it!

  2. I’m feeling like I should schedule in my “want to” list! That’s actually not a bad idea! 🙂

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