Communication fills every part of our life. We even communicate when we don’t know we are doing it.
Our body language, our sign language, the things that we don’t say communicate more that we could ever realise.
With cellphones we communicate in text language, and the person receiving has to really think whats between the lines.They are made to guess and sometimes they get it wrong.
Friends fall out because the communication isn’t clear or precise.
Fights start – feuds begin – then never end.
An email is sent too quickly, before enough thinking has been done.
Some of us talk too much and get into trouble that way.
We go overboard, then grope to get all the words tucked back in.
Too late, they are out – just like a feather pillow that you want to get every feather in. Almost impossible.
Ever tried to put beans back into a bean bag after cleaning it? Don’t. Frustration will abound, and unless you have more patience than Job, its not even worth trying.

But good communication is sweet, and brings life and health to the listener.
It reminds me of the old saying, “Be sure that all your words are sweet, for you never know when you might have to eat them.”

All worth thinking about.

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