What’s between my ears?

I have joined Postaday2011 and although I find I often make comments on other people’s blogs, I haven’t been quite as diligent in beginning ones of my own.
So here I am, relaxing after a ten and a quarter hour day at work, thinking about what I will say.
What is rolling around my head at present?
Quite a lot really.
It’s now only ten days until I begin my new year of study at the local Polytechnic. I find I am both anticipating it, plus am just a little intrepid. I am hoping that the things I did manage to learn last year are still archived in my head, and that I haven’t forgotten toooo much. After all, I am an adult student, surrounded by hip young people – all intent on a good time, socialization, and fun, with a little learning as they go.
I was older, mature and due to my situation very intent of getting all I could from the course that was costing me such a lot to do.
So my knees knock … but I’m not quite quivering in my boots. After all, most of this year’s group were part of the team last year.
The other thing that is filling the space between my ears is that I have told so many people that I would probably be working full time this year (as I currently am doing), because I had been on the waiting list for the course.

So here I am. Once again having to retract the things I have said, because life has changed direction yet again.

But, before all the student stuff happens, I am away this coming weekend on an adventure. Connecting with a son I haven’t seen for a long time, and away into the bush for another tramping trip. They are my favourites … getting away into the silence and peace that only nature can give. Getting away with my special person … ah, nice.

Once I was told that I am the one with all the dramas … I am beginning to think my sister was right!
Never a dull moment, even though I have already been on this earth for nearly half a century.

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