Cleaning up the garage

Today, being a much warmer day than yesterday, I decided to get out there and tackle the mess that was my garage. Empty boxes, stuff all over the place. Sometimes I wonder if I had opened the door and just thrown things in.
Shame I didn’t take a ‘before’ and ‘after’ shot. However it was a job I can now tick off, as I even managed to sweep it out as well.
Cupboards were shifted, sorted and placed side by side where they even open when the car is in the garage.
The mattresses are all placed neatly so that they can be seen and used at a glance.
My tramping trips will be easier to plan for now that the gear is all in the one place.
Even the car is smiling now, it fits so much better, and I can get in and out of it so easily.

Do I feel good. You bet.
Was it easy? We-ll once I got into it, yes it was. I got on a roll and even sorted out one of the boxes from my de-cluttering on Friday … and put those things into the cupboard!

It’s just one more thing ticked off the list.

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