What is a watchman?

Is he one who sits uncomfortably on the fence, scanning, watching, waiting for an enemy attack?

Is he the one who calls attention to things entangling the flock – and warns the chief shepherd about it?

Do they look strange, wear odd clothes, or stick out a mile by looking quaint or old?

Is there an age limit on who would qualify?

What does God expect of His watchmen? Those who know they are called?

All good questions, all worth asking.

For do you know, in your church family, who are watching and scanning the enemy lines on your behalf?

For in this day and age, there is still an urgent need for people to stand up as watchmen.

Even more, is the need for the church leaders to recognise and know who the watchmen are in their church. They should be their most trusted ally in the church fellowship. Doesn’t matter the size, shape or where the church meets. The pastor and watchmen should be in constant touch with God, and each other.

Whatever you do. Do NOT gag the watchmen.

(Read Ezekiel 33 & 34 for more insight).

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