Time for change, time to make space. This year I will once again welcome some student flatmates to share my home with me.
But hold on though, one of the rooms is full of those things that don’t have a home of their own … you know the things, stuff that you didn’t have the heart to throw out, because of sentimental value.
So tonight after work I began the tough job of clearing out a room ready for the new occupant tomorrow.
Did I really keep that old TV, that although it works, hasn’t had a working life for a couple of years? The remote is so quaint – it is one with two legs which need to uplift themselves from the couch and walk those steps to where the TV sits. (Remember those days). That was the first thing to be taken out to the car boot.
I console myself with the thought that someone out there may like it enough to take it home.
The second ‘major’ item was a huge computer screen – only 17 inch viewing, but a mammoth 20 kilo (just kidding, but it felt like it). Oh, but, it was my very first computer … it too, still works, but hasn’t been required to even be turned on for a few years now. Time to let it go.
Then there was the myriad of ‘floppy discs’ and other computer paraphernalia – cables, CD’s, etc, etc.
Then I dared to open another box … this one full of bits and pieces that I had been going to sort out sometime. I shut that lid, quick. I even found a box with some old photos and lost a couple of minutes looking at those.
As I enjoy tramping, that room also housed things like sleeping bags and billies, backpacks and bags, quilts and spare blankets.
Even a spare set of drawers … these I somehow squeezed into my bedroom. And the second job of the evening began – that of changing my bedroom furniture around. OK, so my bedroom isn’t exactly big, but I managed to display the spare furniture in a way that the drawers can be opened (and used) and it doesn’t look TOO bad …
One positive note is that the boot of my car is full and I will enjoy dropping it all off at the recycle place after my weekly stint at the Farmers Market.
So now I sit, tea eaten late, but feeling a little pleased with myself that I have now achieved two things for today and they were both ‘biggies’. I chose a direction to move in after sitting at the intersection for ages, and I did some spring cleaning (even though spring has been gone for a month or two).
De-cluttering takes time and a bit of energy, but is full of nostalgia and even fun.

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2 Responses to De-cluttering

  1. Thanks for dropping by my blog, Valerie. I’m delighted to find another mature student so will keep an eye on your blog to learn how you get on.

  2. fantailnz says:

    This afternoon I spent some time de-cluttering my garage – or you could say, transferring stuff to other parts, shifting boxes, shifting cupboards and mattresses and having a general tidy up (and throw out).
    The car is much happier now, it fits in well, and better still I can actually walk around it! The garage floor also got a sweep – wow.
    Doing that also means that I was able to deal to one of the boxes in my bedroom and put it in the garage cupboard. Ahhh, I feel so virtuous.

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