Going bush

Going bush is a necessity for me. There are times I just have to do it.
Going bush is a must for those who feel trapped by the city, and those of us who yearn for the night skies which only reflect the stars and moon … not street and city lights which so often hide the wonder of the universe above us.
Its a place for reflection and peace – where the birds sing incessant songs to their creator, where colours really stand out. For instance, so many different shades of green alone, just how do you describe that to people brought up with the idea that “grass is green, leaves are green …”
Going bush means a few hours on foot over unsealed terrain, a few rocks to negotiate here and there, some tree roots, up a little, down a little.
Stopping to talk to other walkers is a sheer delight, for everyone is smiling – and you never know where they may be from, unless you stop to ask. Language barriers don’t seem to be an issue in the bush. A smile covers an awkward silence anyway.
To pause and take an interest in others takes only a moment, but has the ability to make a person’s day. Its never ceased to amaze me the conversations that take place – only when in the bush or great outdoors. People you stumble on and may never meet again.
I have noticed that in the bush there are few in a real hurry.
Walking for hours at a time just never seems to be an issue when you are in the bush – yet every minute can count if you are walking the city streets for the same amount of time, it almost seems a burden then.
In the bush is where I sense the presence of God in the most powerful and wonderful way, and when I sing (as often I do), my rough, husky notes don’t sound wrong at all … the songs blend in with the music of the creaking trees and the little bush mice, the birds, the waterfalls, rivers and streams.
In New Zealand we are so blessed with many rugged bush and outdoor areas to enjoy.
Some walks take just an hour or two – others require a bit of forward planning. But its when I meet so many who have come to NZ just to experience our outdoor areas, the bush, mountains, rivers, lakes and scenery – that is the time that I realise just how blessed I am to live here, and how sad it is that I don’t take opportunities to “go bush” often enough.

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