An ideal Sunday

It’s already Tuesday:

That’s the problem with short weekends. Somehow you feel you have missed something, and then you are back at work – and one day rolls into the next.

I noticed on the “post a day” a comment about ‘what’s your ideal Sunday?’

For me, Sunday is primarily a day of rest. If I am at home, then I make going to Church a priority. However church for me isn’t necessarily a building – although it tends to be where the faith community hangs out.

Sunday is a day of doing things you don’t do through the week, hence the statement about it being a day of rest.

A Sunday afternoon nap is always a nice idea – location, location, location.

Sunday can often be a day when friends are on the agenda. Often its the only day when we have the time to reconnect.

But for me, a short weekend is proving to be a bit of a bind. For these days, my weekend is from about 1pm on Saturday through to Sunday evening. Its just not long enough.

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