A Glimpse of the Dream

A few years ago I met a man with a dream … turned out it was similar to a dream I had. We got talking about this, and realised that although our dreams had many differences, they were actually quite close to each other.

His dream was that of being part of a team of Christian people who worked in the area of prayer ministry – giving a place for people to have respite from the rigours of life, and prayer healing where wanted or required. My dream was having a place in the country, with a couple of ‘chalets’ where people working in Christian ministry, or leadership could come and take time out, country walks, food if they wanted it (like a B ‘n B),

For us both, the dreams were on hold – more due to pressures of our jobs, and general  life issues. Financially, the dreams were not that viable for either of us. So we got busy living life.

A few weeks ago I was sent a link for an advert. It whet our interest. Yes, close to his dream – and the brief fitted. We went for a look and are awaiting the news – either good or bad, as to when we start.

We enjoyed the glimpse … a place just out of the town, backing onto country and native bush. Lots of walks available, and people to encourage, work and live life with.

Having had a glimpse, we now await the fulfilling of the dream.

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Cleaning the skeletons

Every home has them … some are pushed so back into the closet, the clothes are hanging on them and the dust has well and truly settled on them. Most people forget about them – eventually.

Occasionally they get an airing – they get talked about, but not as skeletons. Its usually as that ‘unspoken’ family thing that may have happened long ago.

Whats your skeleton? Can it live? Can it breathe? Is it time to get it out, clean it down and finally send it packing from using up cupboard space?

When God took Ezekiel to the valley of dry bones, he said to Ezekiel, “Can these bones live again?”

What if your skeleton grew sinew and muscle and lived – after you had hauled it out and cleaned it? What then? Would you still allow it the space in your life … to come and go as it pleased?

Some skeletons are actually people, some have already died and at the very least, deserve a decent burial. Some have already moved on – and have no idea that part of them is still housed at your place, in your closet.

Get them out, let them out, clean them up (as in, deal with the thoughts, words, curses, problems) and send them on their way. Forgive them, and forgive yourself for holding them back. For yes, as God says, “Yes, these bones can live, and breathe and become a great and mighty army”.


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Peace in Limbo

I’m learning to trust, to be patient. I’m learning that its actually OK to just wait. Wow, what a change for someone who usually needs to know the answers quickly. I like the details – I’s dotted, T’s crossed, and all that sort of thing. But no, the lines are quiet.

It’s been an interesting time – Just a simple yes, or no. Thats what we are waiting on.

However I am totally at peace knowing that I have done what I believe God has asked of me. We responded to an advert for a job opportunity. A dream – yes, it would have required some massive changes, big shifts, and all  that sort of thing. Excitement at the prospect of an adventure was high. So we applied, then we organised time to go and check it all out. To meet with people on the same page as us.

So we came home after a few days with the prospect of hearing back, within a few days. Lots of talking, lots of discussion, the when, why, how, how much? The cost of change is never cheap.

Finance to me wasn’t the issue … my God owns the cattle on a thousand hills. The Bible says that, and I believe it. If God calls, he empowers, he provides. No problem. So we wait – a yes, or a no?

So much can be learned in waiting. The stillness, the peace that passes all understanding. Communion with God, learning to live in His presence, to dwell in that secret place. Feeding on his word and taking time out to just ‘be’. Knowing that if it is a yes, then the peace will shatter, big time. It will be all systems ‘go’. Forward, onward … military precision and organisation.

It will mean a massive sorting out of stuff. The good from the bad. The things that have been in boxes since the last shift … not needed? Or merely archived for that rainy day? Could we sort it anyway? In the waiting time? No. That would almost be too simple.

Limbo is an interesting place, although not generally a place I’d want to be forever, it is a place in which I have found peace and inspiration. For in Limbo I’ve found the presence of God.


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Speak Up

I look back and see my pages are silent. The words frozen on the computer screen. Somewhere between the brain and the hands, the link was lost.

Sure, I had thoughts by the mile – but they weren’t getting out. I saw a tangle of cables – all different colours, but housed within the confines of my brain. So frustrating. As always, I blamed time … but time wasn’t the problem.

Then a couple of months ago, I received a prophetic word:  You are to speak, to open your mouth. Bring forth the message that God gives you. Be bold, be confident, be courageous. You are part of an army – a warrior.

I began to speak, firstly in prayer intercession, then in encouragement to others. I spoke to those around me. The tide was turning.

Its been exciting as the bubbling has begun in my spirit. A bubbling up of something new that I am on the brink of.

The word regarding my mouth preceded words of being a Warrior of Love. Loving others. That one is yet to happen, really happen. I await – but just over the past two weeks, I have begun to put pen to paper … and now, today, I put the fingers to the keys and watch the words form on the screen.

The bubbling in my spirit is getting stronger. The tide is getting higher, and I’m no longer dabbling on the edge. I walk in deeper with God. Enoch walked with God, and I long to walk with God, each day, as Enoch did.

We don’t read a lot about Enoch, except he walked close with God, for 300 years, then he walked straight be with God – no burial, no funeral service. He walked straight on into heaven.



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A day in Fussen – at the Neuschwanstein Castle

Today started with a bang … not Chitty chitty bang bang (where we were heading), but trying to buy a quick ticket to the main train station from the suburb in Munich where our hotel was. Yes, once again we had s problem or three deciphering the language on the ticket buying kiosk. Why let people buy 3 tickets – but not two? By the time we worked it out, our train had gone and it was 20 mins till the next. Ah, time for a coffee after all. We had left ourselves time, thankfully. For we were meeting with the tour group that was heading to visit the castle.

The tour stated that we had a 2 hour train journey … not. We were put on a bus instead. We went through lush countryside with a lot of farms. I did wonder about the hills and mountains where the castle was meant to be … but then the countryside began to change as we climbed gradually. Then it was pointed out to us.

“Take a look over there”, the Bavarian guide said. And there it stood, perched on the side of the hill … among a lot of trees, on the edge of a cliff. I can just imagine how it might have looked with snow all around, or if the sun was shining. Still impressive though the day was cold and grey.

We arrived at the village in time for a snack and look around. Visits to the castle are strictly timed. Turns out our group wasn’t scheduled to go through till 2.10 precisely.

However by the time we had walked up the winding road, passed beautiful waterfalls, a gorge and up further … then down a bit to the marienbrucke bridge for photos – and panoramic views of the valley below, a good hour or more had gone by.

All good, as our guide kept us entertained with history of the castle, and the famed ‘mad king Ludwig II’ who had it built, back in 1869. It took 17 years and 200 people working on it. There were two or three photo stops.

The inside – once we did get in, was amazing. Murals, gilded chandeliers, stunning furniture, words can’t describe- and sadly they don’t allow photos to be taken inside. The music hall he had built was acoustically perfect, but he didn’t live long enough to hear the works if Richard Wagner ;his favourite composer. Even the murals depicted many of his operas.

They are very strict, with a specific inside castle tour guide … each group tuned to the minute. They did allow time at the end to wander through the kitchens, along long corridors to the outside again.

Then it was once again the long walk back down the hill, which I quite enjoyed.

We had quite a wait in the cold for our bus driver n bus to turn up … my legs n feet were turning to stone by now. Finally an hour or so later we headed back to Munich on the bus. The warmth and the guides voice chatting to some of the group made it easy to drop off …

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Meandering to Barcelona

Taking a walk to the patisserie early this morning to get the morning breads, we spotted a small ‘do up’ for sale … then we had to get organised to head to Girano. Nigel drive us through some interesting country lanes, we even stopped at Esperazo, where we discovered the dinosaurs still do exist.



I have been constantly amazed at the number of windfarms all through France. Apparently it is their preferred source of electrical supply as it is environmentally friendly and utilizes the wind that comes through a valley in the mountains. They are beautiful. At times we came ‘up real close’ to them. Impressive.



The other surprise around one corner in particular was a NZ style (almost) road block -cattle happily wandering around with their young. We did wonder if they might move, the roads were very, very narrow in places.IMG_5998fullsizeoutput_210a

In a couple of weeks time – these vineyards will be in bloom. They are dotted all over the place, some have a few green shoots, others still barren. The ‘sacred mountain’ cannitou, made a lovely backdrop.

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Carcassone to Montazels

After spending the night in Toulouse, we caught a train to Carcassonne, its a place having a lot of reconstruction done. It reminded me a little of Christchurch city centre (apart from its size). There are roadworks, new pavements being put in, and you did need to watch your footing a bit. However we found our way to the town square, and a lovely cafe.

We had a couple of hours to look about while waiting for my cousin Nigel. met us to drive to his home at a small village called Montazels, along the Aude River. With the Pyrenees as a backdrop, and the river by our side, it is just beautiful. I could easily live here, in the french countryside. Their home, Maison Loli has amazing views from every window over the three floors.

The top photo is me looking out from the top balcony (our bedroom window). The one immediately beneath is the lounge on the second floor. I took this to show the beams running through. They are 17th century!

After lunch we drove to the place on the hill, Rennes-le-Chateau  where we spent some time. A young priest had arrived in the village and over the next few years built a magnificent area, known as Sauniere’s Domain. This comprised of the Villa Bethany, Magdala Tower and a glazed orangery set in formal gardens. He renovated the modest church of St Mary Magdalene. He is buried there. It has the honour of being the place the Da Vinci code was written about. The museum forms part of it and shows his rooms, and we were allowed to walk the winding staircase up to the top. Even the gardens are ‘walled’.

From there we were taken to a place where there are remains of an Abbey. Alet les Bains. The music playing at this place was lovely too. Its so hard to really photograph everything!! People live around – and its easy to imagine horses and people from years ago ,,, ready for the fight!


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